A Keurig For Pot?

A Keurig For Pot?

Medical Marijuana users can rejoice, A Kuerig for Pot is here

CannaKorp, a startup based outside Boston Massachusetts has created a Kuerig like device for medical marijuana.  The device uses single use pods in the medical marijuana vaporizer system.

The patent pending vaporizer system allows users to comfortably enjoy a convenient and effective vapor. The CannaCloud extracts the medically beneficial compounds from cannabis flower offering a better alternative to smoking. In other words it gets the good stuff out into the vapor.

The CannaCloud Pods are made from recycled materials and professionally labeled with strain, compound information, and the quality assured, licensed cultivator brand.

The CannaCloud works just like a Kuerig machine, so it’s easy to operate. Simply put one of the CannaCloud pods into the canister. The canister gets placed in the CannaCloud and it’s vessels fill with vapor in under a minute. The vapor releases the most beneficial parts of the cannabis plant for the patient/user.

CannaKorp raised $5.7 million dollars in 2016 in two oversubscribed rounds. Their series A round closed in November at $4.1 million dollars on an initial goal of $4 million dollars. They’re one of the most well funded cannabis startups in the United States.

Successfully oversubscribing both our seed and Series A rounds of funding demonstrates the confidence our expanding network of investors has in CannaKorp , and, more broadly, in the rapidly growing cannabis industry,” said James Winokur, CannaKorp Co-Founder & CEO. “The excitement and momentum continues to build, providing a powerful tailwind for us as we go to market,” Winokur continued.

Closing out their funding at the end of 2016 puts them in a great position to ship CannaClouds this year. “Thanks to our investors, the CannaKorp team is eager to put that capital to good use so patients and consumers, especially our faithful followers, can enjoy a more convenient, consistent and high-quality cannabis experience,” Winokur concluded.