Eric Pope

Marijuana To Adversely Affect Beer And Wine Sales

Study Suggests Marijuana May Have Bigger Affect On Alcohol Sales Than Previously Thought Recent finding from the Cannabiz Consumer Group (C2G) suggest that legal cannabis sales could “canna-balize” the retail beer industry by more than 7.1%. If/When cannabis sales are legalized nationwide that could translate to $2 billion dollars in lost sales annually. The study suggests that 27% of beer drinkers have said that they have already substituted cannabis in

The Movie Pineapple Express Is Pulling Strain Reviews From Leafly

Viewers Looking For Pineapple Express Are Also Seeing Leafly Scores When Googling There are a handful of marijuana strains that share names with popular films. The films L.A. Confidential, The Fifth Element. Three Kings, The Killing Fields and Pineapple Express are also names of strains. But for some reason, when you pull Google reviews for Pineapple Express you’ll find something very interesting. Leafly took to their blog on Thursday to

Houston Takes First Steps Towards Legalization

In Houston, Possession Of 4oz Or Less Gets A Class Some states have moved to legalize marijuana for health reasons. Other states have decided to legalize to increase the tax base. For Texas, legalization may eventually arrive to cut down on the marijuana related work load and have officers return to protecting the people. Plain and simple, minor marijuana infractions are clogging up the Texas legal system Harris County Texas

Here's How Boston Startups Are Skirting Recreational Laws

Boston Companies Get Creative With Marijuana Sales In Massachusetts medical marijuana has been legal for a while. A new law, past late last year decriminalized the use of marijuana recreationally. However, selling it for recreational use is still illegal, at least until next year. Creative entrepreneurs in the Boston area have found an interesting loop hole to the selling of marijuana for recreational use. Marijuana delivery startups are selling luxury

Relevant Blue Can Protect Your Marijuana Business

Cyber Privacy Company Relevant Blue Caters To Cannabis Industry All emails are tracked. This isn’t some crazy conspiracy bull shit it’s just a matter of fact. Legitimate cannabis businesses are plagued with having to find the right solutions to protect their business, be legally compliant and maintain strict confidentiality. All three of those issues mean that gmail or even G-Suite (Google Apps) are probably not the safest way to protect

3 Years In Colorado Generates $1.3 Billion In Sales and $200 Million In Tax Revenue

Colorado’s Cannabis Industry Is Great For The State What would your state do with an extra $200 million dollars in tax revenue. Well first Colorado set aside $40 million dollars for new public school construction. Then they divided up the remaining $160 million dollars for health care, health education, law enforcement and substance abuse programs. Colorado made so much money on marijuana sales in 2015 that they had to consider

Grower's Newtwork, The Social Network For Cannabis Professionals

Marijuana Industry Leaders Now Have Their Own Network Grower’s Network is a new social network launched by cannabis professionals and for cannabis professionals. There are several cannabis groups on Facebook and other social networks. While those networks are great for users, and enthusiasts, there was a growing need for a safe haven place for professionals to talk to one another (you see what I did there with growing?). Grower’s network

High Tech News Marijuana Patents Surge

As More States Legalize Marijuana Patents On The Rise There is a surge in marijuana tech patents, and rightfully so. As more and more states legalize marijuana use, either medicinally or recreationally, more and more technology is introduced. Forbes reported on Monday that 266 marijuana related patents have been issued with another 255 patents pending. A recent report from Envision IP highlights the variety of marijuana patents. The patents range

Meet Canopy's 2017 Class On February 22nd

Canopy Boulder, the Cannabis Startup Accelerator, Hosting Open House The folks at Canopy Boulder want you to come and check out their latest class of Cannabis startups. Meet the founders and hear about the next wave of marijuana startups, set to come through the Canopy program. CanopyBoulder is now in their fifth cohort. The Cannabis industry is on track to become a $20 billion dollar industry by the year 2026.

CanPay Solves One Headache For Marijuana Retailers

Startup Offers First Legal Way To Use Debit At Marijuana Dispensaries Most people have come to understand that under federal law, the selling of cannabis in any form is still illegal. That’s why marijuana is being legalized in a state by state basis. That’s also the reason that some states allow recreational marijuana use while others are still strictly medical. Since Federal law still outlaws the sale of marijuana the