Eric Pope

Marijuana Inhaler Is A Real Thing, In Israel

Israeli Company Creates Single Dose Marijuana Inhaler An Israeli company called Syque Medical, has been successful in bringing a single dose cannabis inhaler to market in Israel. Their marijuana inhaler is a pocket sized selective dose drug delivery platform. Through pictures it looks like a cross between a Ventolin or asthma relief inhaler and an Advair discus inhaler. The company has created two versions of the inhaler.  The first version

Neil deGrasse Tyson Goes Whoopi Over Medical Marijuana 

The technology enthusiasts who read techweeds, and those who like to get high and check out world reknowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, are undoubtedly familiar with the show StarTalk. Now in its third season, Star Talk is like the needed, geeked out version of Conan OBrien. Instead of the witty political news of the day, deGrasse Tyson walks viewers through the cool, the technolological and in this case the marijuana.

Nevada Medical Marijuana

In Nevada medical marijuana is legal and a small amount of marijuana for personal use was legalized in the last election. The private/personal marijuana laws went into effect on January 1st. The state’s private use laws are in line with other states where private use is legal. For instance Nevada citizens can possess up to one ounce for personal use and they can cultivate up to 12 plants if they

Data Intelligence For Pot Firm Raises $2.5M

Seattle Startup Headset Is Neilsen For The Pot Industry As the marijuana industry starts to grow, there is an ever growing need for analytics. Couple that with the fact that there are a tremendous amount of laws surrounding the sale of cannabis products, and they vary state to state. Also because cannabis sales are governed by state law and not federal law, it’s a cash business. All these factors make

A Keurig For Pot?

Medical Marijuana users can rejoice, A Kuerig for Pot is here CannaKorp, a startup based outside Boston Massachusetts has created a Kuerig like device for medical marijuana.  The device uses single use pods in the medical marijuana vaporizer system. The patent pending vaporizer system allows users to comfortably enjoy a convenient and effective vapor. The CannaCloud extracts the medically beneficial compounds from cannabis flower offering a better alternative to smoking.

Seed & Smith Brings The Brewery Concept To Marijuana

There’s something about a brewery. Breweries have taken off across the country in nearly every city over the last decade. Sure there are a number of customers just going for the beer, but there are still a handful that are mesmerized by the way beer is made. The best breweries in the world offer customers a look behind the curtain to see exactly how the beer is concocted. The best