Can you die from smoking marijuana?

Can you die from smoking marijuana?

You Won’t Believe How Much Pot It Takes To Kill You

1500 pounds of pot

Yes. Well Kinda. Okay we’re lying, the answer is “not exactly”. Let me explain. Marijuana was finally given a lethal dose amount recently. And while, yes, there is a lethal dose of marijuana, I don’t see anyone overdosing anytime soon. So what is the magic number for cannabis casualty? 1,500 LBS in 15 MINUTES! I have to say that just based in logic, this isn’t possible.

So let’s look at some other numbers:

DEATH by Monster Energy Drinks – 70 cans in 1 day just to kill you by caffeine

DEATH by Coffee – 69 cups in 1 day to die by caffeine poisoning

DEATH by RED BULL – 140 cans in 1 day to die

DEATH by CHOCOLATE – 22 lbs or 40 bars of milk chocolate to die by CHOCOLATE POISONING

DEATH by Coca-Cola – 331 cans in 1 day

I don’t know about you, but it seems completely possible to eat 40 chocolate bars, even if 69 cups of coffee seems a bit excessive.

In 2014, looking at different death tolls, you were more likely to die by influenza than by homicide. Influenza killed 55,227 people in 2014, homicide killed 15,809, Cirrhosis of the liver killed 38, 170, HIV killed 6,721 people. Even looking at drug use, illicit drug overdose killed 17,000 people while non-illicit drugs killed 32,714 people.¬†Pharmaceutical drug overdose was 18,893. Heroin killed 10,574 and guns related deaths took out 36,252 people in 2014. In 2015, Opioids killed 52,404 people. These numbers are shocking! But what’s more shocking, is the number of cannabis deaths. Any guess what the number was? Zero. Nothing. No one.

It’s estimated that 88,000 people die each year from alcohol related deaths. But alcohol is legal. Prescription opioids are legal yet they kill over 50,000 people every year. There are so many ways you could die every day based off your decisions or just chance. But marijuana is not one of them. Never has there been an overdose due to marijuana regardless of what some media would have you believe. Well I guess there could be deaths from marijuana. You could choke on a cannabis cupcake and die. I guess you could speculate that the 1,500 lb bag of marijuana could fall on your head and crush you and kill you. And I’m sure people have made stupid mistakes while on marijuana that have caused injury, but one way it definitely can’t kill you is by overdose. You cannot smoke yourself dead. At least now we know. And if you feel tempted to try I just want to watch and laugh while you attempt self-slaughter by ganja