CannDoo Is Your Cannabis Infused Silica Rich Compost

CannDoo Is Your Cannabis Infused Silica Rich Compost

CannDoo Converts Cannabis By Product Into A Silica Rich Compost

CannDoo Compost

Orlando based entrepreneur and gardener Toni Peck has created a product that will help any gardener. Her company, CannDoo is a patent pending method of producing compost that reduces the need for fertilizers and pesticides. Part of that compost is the legal byproducts of Cannabis.

Peck has done a lot of research and analyzed the investment that Scotts Miracle Gro, the largest manufacturer of do-it-youtself lawn, garden and home protection products in the US, has made in Cannabis growing companies. In July of 2016, Scotts announced a $120 million dollar investment in an Amsterdam based company that makes lighting and hydroponics equipment for marijuana growers.

The Cannabis industry is exploding. The amount of Cannabis harvested in the United States has grown over 1000% in the last two years for obvious reasons. That’s a lot of plants.

“After the desired elements of cannabis (medicine, fiber, oil, protein, etc…) have been removed from the stalk, there remains about 75% of the plant. This bulky by-product is going to be plentiful and cheap, and this is the by-product we’ll use.” Peck says on their Indiegogo page. They will turn that compost form the Cannabis into the secret ingredient in CannDoo so that gardeners of any kind can harvest with it.

You can check out CannDoo here on Indiegogo and here at their website.