High Performance Beverage Entering Hemp Performance Business

Premium Energy Beverage Company, High Performance Beverage, To Produce Hemp Protein Sports Drinks High Performance Beverage is a premium performance drink company that top tier athletes rave about. Their premium beverages, have far more benefits than their competitors like Red Bull, Monster and Full Throttle. After removing the fillers from most of those drinks, consumers are left with not much more than caffeine and sugar water. High Performance Beverage’s sports

Warning: New Medical Marijuana Scam Discovered In Florida

Florida Health Department Warning About Medical Marijuana Scam The Florida Health Department is warning residents seeking free or cheap medical marijuana to be leery of scammers posing as the “Office of Compassionate Use”. In Florida, the health department’s “Office of Compassionate Use” is the only part of the organization that can legitimately authorize medical marijuana cards. The scammers know this. However, the scammers are promising deeply discounted medical marijuana and

American Cannabis Consumers Aren't Who You Think They Are

New Poll Reveals Pot Stereotypes Are Just That, Stereotypes. With 420 a hot topic this week, premium digital media and lifestyle brand Civilized and PSB have released the findings from their annual cannabis culture poll – uncovering fascinating findings and debunking outdated stereotypes about cannabis consumers and lifestyle. Civilized, in partnership with PSB of Washington, D.C., conducted online interviews with 1,600 North American adults to explore views on cannabis and

Oregon Passes Law To Protect Residents From Trump Administration

Oregon Marijuana Merchants Must Discard Customer Information While marijuana is still illegal at a federal level, two dozen states have passed statewide laws allowing medicinal, or recreational use, and in some cases both. What this means, is that if you live in a “legal” state, the federal government could still be a problem down the road. Recently, President Trump’s administration has said it may ramp up enforcement of federal laws

Cannabis Startup Leaflink Raises $3 Million Dollar Seed Round

New York Cannabis Startup Leaflink Raises $3 Seed Round There’s something cliche about a marijuana startup announcing a “seed” round. For those new to the whole startup world, the seed round is the first round of funding usually consisting of an angel investor or angel network, friends, and family. On Monday, reported that the New York based startup, Leaflink raised a $3 million dollar seed round. The funding round

Marijuana To Adversely Affect Beer And Wine Sales

Study Suggests Marijuana May Have Bigger Affect On Alcohol Sales Than Previously Thought Recent finding from the Cannabiz Consumer Group (C2G) suggest that legal cannabis sales could “canna-balize” the retail beer industry by more than 7.1%. If/When cannabis sales are legalized nationwide that could translate to $2 billion dollars in lost sales annually. The study suggests that 27% of beer drinkers have said that they have already substituted cannabis in

The Movie Pineapple Express Is Pulling Strain Reviews From Leafly

Viewers Looking For Pineapple Express Are Also Seeing Leafly Scores When Googling There are a handful of marijuana strains that share names with popular films. The films L.A. Confidential, The Fifth Element. Three Kings, The Killing Fields and Pineapple Express are also names of strains. But for some reason, when you pull Google reviews for Pineapple Express you’ll find something very interesting. Leafly took to their blog on Thursday to

Houston Takes First Steps Towards Legalization

In Houston, Possession Of 4oz Or Less Gets A Class Some states have moved to legalize marijuana for health reasons. Other states have decided to legalize to increase the tax base. For Texas, legalization may eventually arrive to cut down on the marijuana related work load and have officers return to protecting the people. Plain and simple, minor marijuana infractions are clogging up the Texas legal system Harris County Texas

Colorado getting it's first Drive-Thru Marijuana Dispensary

Tumbleweed Express Is The Country’s First Drive Thru Dispensary Parachute, CO, is making history by opening the first ever drive-thru dispensary. Tumbleweed Express is causing a lot of commotion with it’s location coming soon to Parachute. The news became known last week that this Western Colorado town would be allowing the state’s first ever drive-thru pot shop. Opening in a former car wash, Tumbleweed Express is set to open in March.

US Border Patrol Controlling Drugs via Catapult

Border Patrol Intercepts Marijuana Catapult Some stories you read and think, “This is made up….right?”, but no, this isn’t made up. You can’t make this up. US Border Patrol agents in Arizona seized and dismantled a catapult that was allegedly used to fling at least 47 lbs of marijuana over the border wall from Mexico to the US. This homemade catapult was discovered on February 10, 2017, on the Mexican