Pot Facts

Could Marijuana Be Legal In All 50 States Soon?

A new report has come out by GreenWave saying that we could see marijuana legalized for recreational or medical use by 2021. When I read this Tuesday morning I was shocked. That’s only 4 years away? Are we really that close? Could this really be happening? Well it looks like a very good possibility. So far 28 states have legalized marijuana for medicinal use. Last year Maine, California, Massachusetts, and

Can you die from smoking marijuana?

You Won’t Believe How Much Pot It Takes To Kill You Yes. Well Kinda. Okay we’re lying, the answer is “not exactly”. Let me explain. Marijuana was finally given a lethal dose amount recently. And while, yes, there is a lethal dose of marijuana, I don’t see anyone overdosing anytime soon. So what is the magic number for cannabis casualty? 1,500 LBS in 15 MINUTES! I have to say that