Marijuana Breathalyzer Company Raises $8.1M

Hound Labs Raises $8.1m For Their Marijuana Breathalyzer Technology The original breathalyzer for testing blood alcohol content dates back over 75 years. The first breathalyzer was trademarked in 1954 and then brought to market for law enforcement. Breathalyzers come in all shapes and sizes now. It’s easy for law enforcement to perform a quick field sobriety test to see if drivers are too intoxicated to drive. ┬áRegular people can now

Former Paypal Exec Joins Cannabis Startup With Philly Ties

Dave Peck Joins KIND Financial PayPal’s former head of social and digital marketing has joined a financial services startup in the Cannabis industry that has ties to Philadelphia. KIND offers a suite of financial and regulatory compliance products that help the Cannabis industry from “seed to sale”. The Cannabis industry is rising as fast, if not faster, than the smartphone industry did, just ten years ago. The tricky part though

High Performance Beverage Entering Hemp Performance Business

Premium Energy Beverage Company, High Performance Beverage, To Produce Hemp Protein Sports Drinks High Performance Beverage is a premium performance drink company that top tier athletes rave about. Their premium beverages, have far more benefits than their competitors like Red Bull, Monster and Full Throttle. After removing the fillers from most of those drinks, consumers are left with not much more than caffeine and sugar water. High Performance Beverage’s sports

Shop Is The Cannabis Industry's New E-Commerce Platform

Baker Launches “Shop” The Cannabis Industry’s First White Labeled E-Commerce Platform Baker – the leading marketing automation platform for marijuana dispensaries and brands – today announced the launch of Shop, the most advanced cannabis-specific e-commerce platform in North America. Shop brings dispensaries and brands the online commerce capabilities that every other industry has come to rely upon. Shop, “the Shopify for Cannabis”, provides dispensaries with a secure, branded, conversion-oriented e-commerce

Cannabis Startup Leaflink Raises $3 Million Dollar Seed Round

New York Cannabis Startup Leaflink Raises $3 Seed Round There’s something cliche about a marijuana startup announcing a “seed” round. For those new to the whole startup world, the seed round is the first round of funding usually consisting of an angel investor or angel network, friends, and family. On Monday, reported that the New York based startup, Leaflink raised a $3 million dollar seed round. The funding round

CannDoo Is Your Cannabis Infused Silica Rich Compost

CannDoo Converts Cannabis By Product Into A Silica Rich Compost Orlando based entrepreneur and gardener Toni Peck has created a product that will help any gardener. Her company, CannDoo is a patent pending method of producing compost that reduces the need for fertilizers and pesticides. Part of that compost is the legal byproducts of Cannabis. Peck has done a lot of research and analyzed the investment that Scotts Miracle Gro,

Here's How Boston Startups Are Skirting Recreational Laws

Boston Companies Get Creative With Marijuana Sales In Massachusetts medical marijuana has been legal for a while. A new law, past late last year decriminalized the use of marijuana recreationally. However, selling it for recreational use is still illegal, at least until next year. Creative entrepreneurs in the Boston area have found an interesting loop hole to the selling of marijuana for recreational use. Marijuana delivery startups are selling luxury

Relevant Blue Can Protect Your Marijuana Business

Cyber Privacy Company Relevant Blue Caters To Cannabis Industry All emails are tracked. This isn’t some crazy conspiracy bull shit it’s just a matter of fact. Legitimate cannabis businesses are plagued with having to find the right solutions to protect their business, be legally compliant and maintain strict confidentiality. All three of those issues mean that gmail or even G-Suite (Google Apps) are probably not the safest way to protect

Grower's Newtwork, The Social Network For Cannabis Professionals

Marijuana Industry Leaders Now Have Their Own Network Grower’s Network is a new social network launched by cannabis professionals and for cannabis professionals. There are several cannabis groups on Facebook and other social networks. While those networks are great for users, and enthusiasts, there was a growing need for a safe haven place for professionals to talk to one another (you see what I did there with growing?). Grower’s network

SneakGuard Is The Stash Box Evolved

SneakGuard Protects Your Stash With more and more states legalizing marijuana in some form or fashion, a need has been created. Long gone are the days of storing your stash in a wooden box you picked up at a yard sale. If pot is legal where you are you’re going to want to keep it safe. Safe for you and safe from your kids. SneakGuard has created an innovative new