Which Genre of Music Has The Most Drug References?

When most people think of “drug related music” or “marijuana related music” they immediately think of Snoop Dogg or Wiz Khalifa. But when it comes to the most drug references in music, you might be surprised to learn that rap music isn’t the leader in drug references. As a matter of fact, a new study that was done by Addictions.com checked out eight genres of music for their use of drug references, and rap was last on the list. Based off mentions per song, country comes in first with an average of 1.6 mentions per song while rap has an average of less than 1.3 mentions per song.

This isn’t really that hard to believe when you think about Willie Nelson and Hank Williams Jr., and even newcomers like Kacey Musgraves and Ashley Monroe. But there are names on list of country music referencing marijuana that may surprise you. Eric Church with “Smoke A Little Smoke”, Toby Keith and his amazing live song “Weed With Willie”, and even Kenny Chesney’s “Setting The World On Fire”.

Now of course this study covered all drug references in music so it wasn’t just marijuana, so we went a little deeper. What was the first mainstream song about marijuana? “Muggles” by Louis Armstrong(1928). Most people didn’t know that muggles was slang for marijuana in this jazz instrumental, but Louis Armstrong was an avid marijuana user as were many musicians before it because illegal in 1937.

Marijuana is the most referenced drug in music, and even though there was a decline in mentions of America’s favorite herb when it was made illegal in the 1930s, it has steadily been on the rise, and now is even more popular since medical and recreational marijuana is becoming legal in more states every year.

Musicians writing songs about marijuana range from Bob Marley to Halsey, so whether you prefer lighting one up to Sublime or The Eagles, there’s plenty of cannabis friendly music out there. Want a list? Click here for a list of 420 songs about weed, build your playlist, and toke and groove til your hearts content.