Got Pot Questions? Willow Has Answers

Willow’s AI Platform Is The Quora For The Marijuana Industry

Willow All of the changes in Cannabis law across the country are great for current pot smokers. Now, you in some states, you can legally smoke marijuana without fear or legal worry. But just like after prohibition ended, new laws are going to create new marijuana smokers. With that comes questions.

If you were hoping for a magical site like Quora for marijuana questions, your prayers have been answered.

Willow, at, is the site for marijuana related questions.

The startup, that graduated in Gateway’s first accelerator class, considers themselves “An online chat service that helps customers navigate through their cannabis questions.”.

Just ask Willow anything about marijuana and it will serve up an answer. What’s oil? What’s the difference in strains? What’s Sativa? What’s the difference between BHO and CO2? Willow knows the answer and can help you.

The founders of Willow want to be the place people go to first for personalized expertise. Founder Chris Liu also wants to stop the spreading of misinformation.

The curious can go to to get the answers they want. That’s not where it stops though. Willow partners with dispensaries, retailers and other marijuana businesses to have their service embedded in their website. They also offer a kiosk for dispensaries so customers can quickly get answers. These partnerships are where the revenue lies.

One of their partnerships is with the Magnolia Wellness dispensary in Oakland California. Brandon David from Investing in Cannabis says that Willow is “improving the experience of buying cannabis at dispensaries. Watch the episode below to find out exactly what Willow brings to the dispensary and other marijuana businesses.

You can check out Willow now at