Grower’s Newtwork, The Social Network For Cannabis Professionals

Grower's Newtwork, The Social Network For Cannabis Professionals

Marijuana Industry Leaders Now Have Their Own Network

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Grower’s Network is a new social network launched by cannabis professionals and for cannabis professionals. There are several cannabis groups on Facebook and other social networks. While those networks are great for users, and enthusiasts, there was a growing need for a safe haven place for professionals to talk to one another (you see what I did there with growing?).

Grower’s network is built on a community of industry professionals. Master growers, equipment suppliers, dispensary owners, grow operation owners, service providers, academics, product manufacturers and thought leaders all are welcome at Grower’s Network.

Some of the most influential folks in the cannabis industry are already members. You’ll be able to rub shoulders and pick the brains of companies like; Grow Op Farms, Gavita, Revolution Cannabis, SURNA, Cannasol Farms, Mayflower Farms, Twister, Smart Bee and Phat Panda.

In addition to just a place for the cannabis industry professional to share knowledge, Growers Network also highlights members in their Grower’s Spotlight.

Research is a big part of Grower’s Network, that and spreading true and legitimate information.

“Research in the cannabis industry is limited due to federal regulations, and those searching for legitimate sources will find it to be a hassle if you’re unfamiliar with the cannabis space. The Growers Network states to have restricted academics and commercial growers collaboratively working, researching, and studying commercial cannabis cultivation on their network.” Direct Cannabis Network said.

Grower’s Network is in private beta and will officially launch soon. Find out more here.