Here’s How Boston Startups Are Skirting Recreational Laws

Here's How Boston Startups Are Skirting Recreational Laws

Boston Companies Get Creative With Marijuana Sales

In Massachusetts medical marijuana has been legal for a while. A new law, past late last year decriminalized the use of marijuana recreationally. However, selling it for recreational use is still illegal, at least until next year.

Creative entrepreneurs in the Boston area have found an interesting loop hole to the selling of marijuana for recreational use. Marijuana delivery startups are selling luxury t-shirts ranging in price from $10 to $99. With that t-shirt purchase you get your t-shirt delivered free, along with a special gift of pot.

Well, if I were in business and I would have thought of it I probably wouldn’t have any problem doing it. But I’m sure they will close that loophole fairly quickly,” Janet Zucker from Walpole told Fox 25.

The law went into effect December 15, 2015 which allows people in Massachusetts to possess a small amount of marijuana for recreational use. That same law calls for a “regulate marketplace” to be established by 2018. Until then, the selling of marijuana for recreational use is illegal.

However, giving away under 1 ounce of marijuana “without renumeration” is legal as long as the exchange is not advertised or promoted. This calls for companies, like the t-shirt company, to get very creative.

Another company, called High Speed, sells lemonade, very expensive lemonade. The lemonade is actually good, according to drinkers who have used the technology startup to deliver lemonade in Washington DC. That tasty glass of lemonade would probably be too rich for even Elvis’s blood, at $55.  A press release from High Speed Technology Inc, says that every purchase of their “locally sourced” and “fresh pressed” juice comes with a “very special gift”.

“The thing about HighSpeed: We’re not a marijuana company. We’re a technology startup. We’re a delivery company. And we deliver juice,” David Umeh the founder and CEO of High Speed Technology told the Boston Globe.

Umeh insists that High Speed Technology is completely legal in the way they are doing business.

“In D.C., you can’t sell it. In Boston, in Massachusetts, you can’t sell it. But you can give cannabis as a gift, and that’s what we do” Umeh said. 

For now High Speed and other companies are just walking a thin line. But it may be important to note that as we went to press all of the lemonade on the High Speed site was sold out. That may have been because of the time of night or geolocation.

If you’re in Washington DC or Boston you can go get your lemonade here.