Could Marijuana Be Legal In All 50 States Soon?

A new report has come out by GreenWave saying that we could see marijuana legalized for recreational or medical use by 2021. When I read this Tuesday morning I was shocked. That’s only 4 years away? Are we really that close? Could this really be happening? Well it looks like a very good possibility.

So far 28 states have legalized marijuana for medicinal use. Last year Maine, California, Massachusetts, and Nevada joined the ranks of Colorado, Alaska, Washington, and Oregon in legalizing marijuana for recreational use. These states also have it legalized for medicinal use. And now Colorado has voted to all Pot Clubs that will allow for smoking indoors where marijuana is sold.

GreenWave is suggesting that with this push, we will see a huge push for marijuana bills to be on the ballots in 2018 and 2020. This could create a domino effect that would push from all 50 states to legalize. We are currently seeing big pushes in several states that were rumored to be the last states to accept legalization. Texas families are pushing for legalization to treat autism. Parents in Alabama are stepping up to speak out about the success stories of medical marijuana and they are pushing so hard they were featured on the front page of the Sunday Birmingham News this week. People aren’t being silent about legalization anymore.

The one thing holding back this plan is that the Trump administration has been very unclear on what will be happening in the future for the marijuana industry. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has always been very vocal about his opposition to the legal marijuana movement and has been spewing false information every chance he gets.

I truly hope that we are able to see this happen. Four years is nothing. Four years is something tangible. Four years is an end we can see. How do you feel? Do you think your state will have legal marijuana in the near future? Let us know!