Meet Canopy’s 2017 Class On February 22nd

Meet Canopy's 2017 Class On February 22nd

Canopy Boulder, the Cannabis Startup Accelerator, Hosting Open House

The folks at Canopy Boulder want you to come and check out their latest class of Cannabis startups. Meet the founders and hear about the next wave of marijuana startups, set to come through the Canopy program. CanopyBoulder is now in their fifth cohort.

The Cannabis industry is on track to become a $20 billion dollar industry by the year 2026. That could even come sooner, as the wave of states passing marijuana laws increases.

Canopy Boulder was the first accelerator to offer a cohort based acceleration program exclusively for Cannabis startups. Startups in the program learn the startup ropes like, building a business, MVP, marketing, accounting, and product development. But they’re in a niche market that has a wide range of regulations that change state to state.

That makes the mentorship requirements a little different. While a founder of a successful ride sharing startup can teach startups things about bringing products to market, only a seasoned Cannabis entrepreneur can talk about the pitfalls of a mostly cash business.

Anyone interested in the business of marijuana startups should check out Canopy’s Spring Launch Party and Marijuana Policy Project Fundraiser. The event starts at 6:00pm at the CanopyBoulder offices, 3269 28th Street, Suite 200 in Boulder Colorado.

The featured speaker is Mason Tvert of the Marijuana Policy Project. The MPP is a group of activists, lobbyists and change agents that’s hoping to change marijuana policy nationwide. Someone is arrested for possession of marijuana every 48 seconds, 87% of those arrests are strictly possession. MPP is fighting to have those laws changed.

You’ll be able to meet entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and of course cannabis startups. You’ll also be able to meet other folks interested in changing marijuana laws to laws that make more sense for the common folk.

People interested in becoming investors in marijuana startups should also try and make it to the event. CanopyBoulder has a seed stage investment program specifically catered towards the growing marijuana industry.