Oregon Passes Law To Protect Residents From Trump Administration

Oregon Passes Law To Protect Residents From Trump Administration

Oregon Marijuana Merchants Must Discard Customer Information

Oregon Marijuana Law

While marijuana is still illegal at a federal level, two dozen states have passed statewide laws allowing medicinal, or recreational use, and in some cases both. What this means, is that if you live in a “legal” state, the federal government could still be a problem down the road.

Recently, President Trump’s administration has said it may ramp up enforcement of federal laws against it’s use.

On Monday, Oregon lawmakers sought to protect buyers from marijuana from possible penalties under federal law. They approved the bill to ban sellers of the drug for recreational use from keeping personal information on the customers. This way, i the federal government comes looking for lists of buyers, they won’t find any.

The bills sponsors are hoping the legislation blocks federal law enforcement officials from learning who is buying marijuana in Oregon through subpoena or other legal action.

The bill was passed by the Oregon House of Representatives 53-5. ┬áMerchants of recreational marijuana now must discard any customers personal information within 48 hours. This includes names, addresses, phone numbers and other identifying information. Dispensaries are required by Oregon law to validate the purchasers age being 21 or over by checking their driver’s licenses. Some merchants saved copies of the licenses for future purchases. Now, they must discard that information.

The bill was introduced and passed by the Oregon state Senate in March. Now it’s headed to the desk of Oregon Governor Kate Brown to be signed into law.

Brown is an advocate for legalizes marijuana. Brown along with the governors of Alaska, Colorado and Washington (states where recreational use is allowed), sent a letter to US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin requesting to work with the administration if they planned to enforce federal marijuana laws.

“We understand you and others in the administration have some concerns regarding marijuana. We sympathize, as many of us expressed apprehensions before our states adopted current laws,” they wrote.

Under the new law, retailers would be allowed to keep mailing lists to send customers coupons and other information however the risks associated with that would need to be clearly explained to customers.