CannDoo Is Your Cannabis Infused Silica Rich Compost

CannDoo Converts Cannabis By Product Into A Silica Rich Compost Orlando based entrepreneur and gardener Toni Peck has created a product that will help any gardener. Her company, CannDoo is a patent pending method of producing compost that reduces the need for fertilizers and pesticides. Part of that compost is the legal byproducts of Cannabis. Peck has done a lot of research and analyzed the investment that Scotts Miracle Gro,

BREAKING! Georgia Senate Passes Marijuana Bill

Georgia’s Medical Marijuana Bill Expands To Cover Six Conditions State Senators in Georgia have sent a bill to Governor Nathan Deal’s desk. A revision to Georgia state Senate Bill 16, a medical marijuana bill, was approved 45 to 6, broadening the scope of conditions allowed to be treated with marijuana in the state. The six new conditions are allowed to be treated with a limited form of cannabis oil. The

Are Women More Sensitive To THC Than Men?

A new study from Washington State University is exploring the differences in cannabis sensitivities based on gender. When analyzing male and female rats’ reactions to cannabis, research has shown that female rats are 30% more sensitive to the pain relieving qualities of THC than their male counterparts. Also the study showed that the female rats developed a higher tolerance to the THC at a faster rate than the male rats.

These Are The 10 Startups In The Spring Canopy Boulder Cohort

Canopy Boulder Invests In 10 More Marijuana Related Startups Canopy Boulder, the premiere marijuana startup incubator, launched it’s sixth cohort of startups last month. The accelerator program has now invested in it’s 60th business. Canopy operates like a traditional cohort based technology startup accelerator. Each startup receives seed funding. In this case it’s $30,000. They then go through a 16 week entrepreneurial bootcamp that emphasizes business development, product development, market

Could Marijuana Be Legal In All 50 States Soon?

A new report has come out by GreenWave saying that we could see marijuana legalized for recreational or medical use by 2021. When I read this Tuesday morning I was shocked. That’s only 4 years away? Are we really that close? Could this really be happening? Well it looks like a very good possibility. So far 28 states have legalized marijuana for medicinal use. Last year Maine, California, Massachusetts, and

Marijuana To Adversely Affect Beer And Wine Sales

Study Suggests Marijuana May Have Bigger Affect On Alcohol Sales Than Previously Thought Recent finding from the Cannabiz Consumer Group (C2G) suggest that legal cannabis sales could “canna-balize” the retail beer industry by more than 7.1%. If/When cannabis sales are legalized nationwide that could translate to $2 billion dollars in lost sales annually. The study suggests that 27% of beer drinkers have said that they have already substituted cannabis in

The Movie Pineapple Express Is Pulling Strain Reviews From Leafly

Viewers Looking For Pineapple Express Are Also Seeing Leafly Scores When Googling There are a handful of marijuana strains that share names with popular films. The films L.A. Confidential, The Fifth Element. Three Kings, The Killing Fields and Pineapple Express are also names of strains. But for some reason, when you pull Google reviews for Pineapple Express you’ll find something very interesting. Leafly took to their blog on Thursday to

Houston Takes First Steps Towards Legalization

In Houston, Possession Of 4oz Or Less Gets A Class Some states have moved to legalize marijuana for health reasons. Other states have decided to legalize to increase the tax base. For Texas, legalization may eventually arrive to cut down on the marijuana related work load and have officers return to protecting the people. Plain and simple, minor marijuana infractions are clogging up the Texas legal system Harris County Texas

Here's How Boston Startups Are Skirting Recreational Laws

Boston Companies Get Creative With Marijuana Sales In Massachusetts medical marijuana has been legal for a while. A new law, past late last year decriminalized the use of marijuana recreationally. However, selling it for recreational use is still illegal, at least until next year. Creative entrepreneurs in the Boston area have found an interesting loop hole to the selling of marijuana for recreational use. Marijuana delivery startups are selling luxury

SXSW Snoop Dogg

Cannabis Takes Center Stage At SXSW 2017 If you aren’t familiar with South By Southwest(SXSW) then you are seriously missing out. This conference brings all of the best things to Austin for about 2 weeks. Downtown Austin, TX becomes a combination of tech conference, education conference, frat party, food festival, and music and film festival for 2 weeks. It is one big party/conference. Every day you bust your ass covering