Texas Law Enforcement, Marijuana Laws

Texas Joins States That Say Time Is Better Spent Fighting Crime In an article from last week we focused on the states to watch for marijuana law reform in 2017. Texas was on that list. They have already started to introduce decriminalization law reform which is a step in the right direction, and they definitely seem to be on their way to legalization. You can read more about that here.

Relevant Blue Can Protect Your Marijuana Business

Cyber Privacy Company Relevant Blue Caters To Cannabis Industry All emails are tracked. This isn’t some crazy conspiracy bull shit it’s just a matter of fact. Legitimate cannabis businesses are plagued with having to find the right solutions to protect their business, be legally compliant and maintain strict confidentiality. All three of those issues mean that gmail or even G-Suite (Google Apps) are probably not the safest way to protect

Colorado getting it's first Drive-Thru Marijuana Dispensary

Tumbleweed Express Is The Country’s First Drive Thru Dispensary Parachute, CO, is making history by opening the first ever drive-thru dispensary. Tumbleweed Express is causing a lot of commotion with it’s location coming soon to Parachute. The news became known¬†last week that this Western Colorado town would be allowing the state’s first ever drive-thru pot shop. Opening in a former car wash, Tumbleweed Express is set to open in March.

Can you die from smoking marijuana?

You Won’t Believe How Much Pot It Takes To Kill You Yes. Well Kinda. Okay we’re lying, the answer is “not exactly”. Let me explain. Marijuana was finally given a lethal dose amount recently. And while, yes, there is a lethal dose of marijuana, I don’t see anyone overdosing anytime soon. So what is the magic number for cannabis casualty? 1,500 LBS in 15 MINUTES! I have to say that

US Border Patrol Controlling Drugs via Catapult

Border Patrol Intercepts Marijuana Catapult Some stories you read and think, “This is made up….right?”, but no, this isn’t made up. You can’t make this up. US Border Patrol agents in Arizona seized and dismantled a catapult that was allegedly used to fling at least 47 lbs of marijuana over the border wall from Mexico to the US. This homemade catapult was discovered on February 10, 2017, on the Mexican

3 Years In Colorado Generates $1.3 Billion In Sales and $200 Million In Tax Revenue

Colorado’s Cannabis Industry Is Great For The State What would your state do with an extra $200 million dollars in tax revenue. Well first Colorado set aside $40 million dollars for new public school construction. Then they divided up the remaining $160 million dollars for health care, health education, law enforcement and substance abuse programs. Colorado made so much money on marijuana sales in 2015 that they had to consider

Which will be the next state to legalize marijuana?

November was huge for the legalization. Even though we were all glued to the internet or tv watching the results of the presidential election, 7 states were legalizing marijuana in some form or another. I know we all expected California to be the first to legalize for recreational since they were the first state to legalize medicinal marijuana. But they did get it passed this November, along with Maine, Massachusetts

What does Jeff Sessions mean for Legal Marijuana?

Is The New Attorney General Going To Be A Problem For Marijuana Users? I’m assuming most of you aren’t like me. I was born and raised in the bible belt so I’ve been surrounded by people like Jeff Sessions all my life. Being raised in a Southern Baptist town where everyone knows everyone else’s secrets isn’t easy. And it’s really not easy if you are a hippie free spirit who

Grower's Newtwork, The Social Network For Cannabis Professionals

Marijuana Industry Leaders Now Have Their Own Network Grower’s Network is a new social network launched by cannabis professionals and for cannabis professionals. There are several cannabis groups on Facebook and other social networks. While those networks are great for users, and enthusiasts, there was a growing need for a safe haven place for professionals to talk to one another (you see what I did there with growing?). Grower’s network

Why is Cannabis Illegal? A History Lesson Everyone Needs to Read

A History Lesson On Why Cannabis Is Illegal So I’m sure many of us have asked this question more than once, but why is weed illegal? What made it illegal? With the focus turning more and more to legalizing cannabis as many states pass laws to allow either medical or recreational, I couldn’t help but wonder why it was illegal to begin with. I know it might be hard to