Relevant Blue Can Protect Your Marijuana Business

Relevant Blue Can Protect Your Marijuana Business

Cyber Privacy Company Relevant Blue Caters To Cannabis Industry

Relevant Blue

All emails are tracked. This isn’t some crazy conspiracy bull shit it’s just a matter of fact. Legitimate cannabis businesses are plagued with having to find the right solutions to protect their business, be legally compliant and maintain strict confidentiality. All three of those issues mean that gmail or even G-Suite (Google Apps) are probably not the safest way to protect your data.

Sensitive customer records, confidential vendor suppliers and top secret recipes need the best protection available. The problem is, at this point in time, not all vendors are taking marijuana businesses seriously. Sure the business world is gravitating towards the idea that cannabis businesses are legitimate businesses, but those are hard to find. They can also switch their position at a drop of a dime (bag) or with a shift in politics.

Relevant Blue, the creators of Privacy ON digital marketing, provide top shelf privacy services catered specifically for the Cannabis industry.  Parent company Relevant Tools offers industry leading secure and private email marketing to a variety of industries.

Relevant Blue has a whole suite of products tailored specifically for the cannabis industry.

If you’re taking a survey you can use Relevant Blue’s Privacy On forms to get confidential data back from your customer base. They also provide end to end email encryption and their marketing campaigns are all done on their own server farm. Relevant Blue isn’t just reselling Amazon Web Services.

While MailChimp is great for a lot of companies, it’s not nearly as safe as having a dedicated, completely private email marketing solution.

You also don’t have to worry about Relevant Blue harvesting your customer data base or customer responses and using them for other customers

“What we don’t do is track you or your customers. No harvesting of location and behavioral information. No retargeting or following you and your customers around the interest. No aggregating and selling your data rolled up into big data. We do not keep metrics on your or your customers.” founder Jean Christofferson said on their blog.

Relevant Blue has already been trusted to send tens of millions of email marketing messages for clients in the Cannabis industry. If you’re looking for an email marketing solution for your cannabis business check them out here.¬†