Seed & Smith Brings The Brewery Concept To Marijuana

Seed & Smith, Grow House, Seed and Smith
photo: Truman Bradley

There’s something about a brewery. Breweries have taken off across the country in nearly every city over the last decade. Sure there are a number of customers just going for the beer, but there are still a handful that are mesmerized by the way beer is made. The best breweries in the world offer customers a look behind the curtain to see exactly how the beer is concocted.

The best of the best breweries have wide open windows that look right into the tap room.

That’s the concept Truman Bradley was going for with his marijuana company. Truman wanted his customers, and investors, to have true transparency when it came to the mechanical operations of growing marijuana for his vertically integrated marijuana concentrates and extract company. It’s like farm to table pot. Bradley’s company, Seed & Smith, grows it’s own marijuana for the end user products that they sell.

Seed and Smith isn’t the first vertically integrated company. Yesterday we brought you the story of Lola Lola, they too grow their own product.

What Bradley is offering is the brewery concept in a grow house. He’s made sure that his facility is top notch and wants to give interested folks the ability to come in and see exactly how his products are grown and made.

According to Business Insider, Seed & Smith has picture windows throughout so visitors can see all the facets of the operation. There’s even a museum style exhibit on the extraction process as well as a gift shop. After all you’re going to want to buy stuff.

Bradley’s concept and his attitude towards transparency in a high risk high reward industry has garnered him a $1 million dollar angel investment from an investor who remains anonymous.

“Anytime investors hear cannabis, they think high risk and they think high return — rightly or wrongly,”Bradley told Business Insider. That’s why he took investors on a tour of not only his facility but others. “Anytime investors hear cannabis, they think high risk and they think high return — rightly or wrongly,”


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