SneakGuard Is The Stash Box Evolved

SneakGuard Is The Stash Box Evolved

SneakGuard Protects Your Stash

SneakGuard, Stash Box, Startup

With more and more states legalizing marijuana in some form or fashion, a need has been created. Long gone are the days of storing your stash in a wooden box you picked up at a yard sale. If pot is legal where you are you’re going to want to keep it safe. Safe for you and safe from your kids.

SneakGuard has created an innovative new box (container) to keep your marijuana stash in. It’s designed to protect your weed stash from

  • loss of potency and flavor
  • bacteria and mold
  • unwanted discovery
  • theft
  • accidental access and ingestion

SneakGuard, Stash Box

The device is big enough to hold 1.5 liters. That means it’s big enough to hold about a pound of raw cannabis, 10-15 edibles or 30grams of concentrate.

The SneakGuard integrates a lock (to prevent theft and access); a vacuum pump (to keep it fresh), and humidiccant reservoirs (keeps the right amount of humidity in the container). It’s like a safe, and humidor at the same time. It’s size means you can keep it just about anywhere. With your bud, in whatever form you chose, safely locked inside, you can put the SneakGuard virtually anywhere in your home.

The unique vacuum system eliminates odor which preserves the shelf life of the cannabis inside. It can even cure your cannabis.

“SneakGuard’s double-walled, vacuum sealed architecture allows precise control over the storage environment, while integrated reservoirs that hold Integra Boost humidity control packs will maintain 62% RH in the storage area, which will help prevent the growth of dangerous microbiological contaminants, while keeping the buds fluffy, flavorful and potent.” the company says on their website.

SneakGuard means you can ditch your old stash box

All of these features make it a one of a kind, safe storage unit for all of your marijuana needs.

In addition to creating the SneakGuard, it’s founders are on a mission to educate parents, caregivers and consumers about the need for safe responsible storage of cannabis products.

“Our efforts will include outreach programs to bud tenders, pediatricians, emergency rooms, educators, and on the trade.” Graeme Gorden, Inventor, CEO & Founder of SneakGuard, told Direct Cannabis Network.