US Border Patrol Controlling Drugs via Catapult

Border Patrol Intercepts Marijuana Catapult

Some stories you read and think, “This is made up….right?”, but no, this isn’t made up. You can’t make this up. US Border Patrol agents in Arizona seized and dismantled a catapult that was allegedly used to fling at least 47 lbs of marijuana over the border wall from Mexico to the US.

This homemade catapult was discovered on February 10, 2017, on the Mexican side of the border fence near the Douglas Port of Entry near Tucson, AZ with several people fleeing as they approached. Bundles of marijuana were found near the catapult weighing over 47 lbs. Now while US Border Patrol dismantled the catapult, they were coordinating with Mexican authorities who took possession of the dismantled catapult.

The catapult was made of welded steel that looked to have been made from parts for a basketball backstop. This is just one invention in a long line of creative marijuana smuggling contraptions discovered in recent history. Some of the greats are air-powered cannons, light aircraft and vehicle ramps.

Last month, about 3,000 pounds of pot hidden inside watermelon-shaped packages disguised as a commercial shipment was confiscated by US Customs and Border Patrol at the Pharr International Bridge cargo facility in Texas.

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This is just more proof that the war on drugs doesn’t work. Build a wall, they build catapults. The best way to win the war on drugs is by taking the power away from the cartels by making marijuana legal in the US, giving marijuana smokers more safe options for purchasing and obtaining legal options for possession. Rather than putting people in jail for buying a plant, maybe the answer is to make it more available and eliminating the cartels demand for more creative ways to import and export.

Smugglers and cartels will continue to find new and creative ways of getting this “drug” from Mexico to the US until we no longer need their exports because we have access to our own supply.