Warning: New Medical Marijuana Scam Discovered In Florida

Warning: New Medical Marijuana Scam Discovered In Florida

Florida Health Department Warning About Medical Marijuana Scam

Florida Medical Marijuana Scam

The Florida Health Department is warning residents seeking free or cheap medical marijuana to be leery of scammers posing as the “Office of Compassionate Use”.

In Florida, the health department’s “Office of Compassionate Use” is the only part of the organization that can legitimately authorize medical marijuana cards. The scammers know this. However, the scammers are promising deeply discounted medical marijuana and free marijuana but the victims of the scam must give up their credit card information. The Florida Health Department advises that they will NEVER ask for a patient’s credit card information over the phone.

Most of our readers know that because of the Federal laws around any kind of marijuana distribution, no bank or credit card company is used in the processing of credit card orders. Nationwide, the marijuana industry is predominantly a cash based business.

The state of Florida only has seven dispensaries. These are the only agencies in the state that can dispense marijuana: South Florida’s Modern Health Concepts, CHT Medical, The Green Solution, Trulieve, Surterra Therapeutics, Knox Medical and GrowHealthy. Any other group offering access to the drug is a fraud.

In order for a doctor in the state of Florida to prescribe medical marijuana they must first go through an 8 hour training course. They must also have a three month relationship with the patient prior to prescribing the drug.

Here is a complete list of the doctors authorized to prescribe medical marijuana in Florida.