Are Women More Sensitive To THC Than Men?

A new study from Washington State University is exploring the differences in cannabis sensitivities based on gender. When analyzing male and female rats’ reactions to cannabis, research has shown that female rats are 30% more sensitive to the pain relieving qualities of THC than their male counterparts. Also the study showed that the female rats developed a higher tolerance to the THC at a faster rate than the male rats.

The theory is that the females are effected differently due to their higher estrogen levels, so this could this could also mean that females have a higher chance of experiencing adverse effects from THC such as anxiety and paranoia.

Other interesting findings in this study are:

  • Females are more susceptible to withdrawal symptoms such as lack of appetitelack of sleep, and irritability
  • Males are more likely to have an increased appetite when consuming cannabis than females
  • Females experience a “very clear” increase in cannabis sensitivity when they’re ovulating, which is when their estrogen levels have peaked
  • A low dose of THC did not disrupt the female test rats’ reproductive cycle

Cannabis research is just now hitting the forefront of science, tests have been limited do to the federal restrictions put on marijuana research. This is one of the first studies focusing on the effects based off gender. I think we will start to see more and more research on marijuana as it makes its way to the forefront of medical research.

Obviously this study was conducted on lab rats and not humans so there are still several more tests to run and many more research labs that will be further exploring all options when it comes to how cannabis effects the human body. So now we will wait and see but every day we will learn more and more about the effects of THC on the body, and more and more benefits medical use on the body.