Xoogler Creates Fun Marijuana Brand

Xoogler Creates Fun Marijuana Brand

Former Google Employee Creates Fun Marijuana Brand

In 2012 Michael Garganese packed his bags in his Las Vegas home and headed a little further west to pursue the dream of so many entrepreneurs. He went to work for a social media marketing startup called Wildfire. Wildfire served marketing and ad campaigns on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube. TechCrunch reported at the time, that the transaction was valued upwards of $350 million dollars.

Wildfire and Google had similar cultures that resonated with the young entrepreneur. I worked for those two companies whose primary goal everyday was to make sure the employees were happy and the people using their products were happy,” he says. “I really saw the value in relationships and the difference it makes to go a little further to treat people right.”Garganese told Insider.

After leaving Google, at the urging of his father, Garganese enrolled in a four day workshop at Oaksterdam University, the country’s first marijuana business trade school in Oakland.

Garaganese decided to launch Lola Lola. The company creates it’s own products ranging from vape oils for vape pens to heart shaped concentrates as well as pre-rolled joints. All of their marijuana is grown on a farm in Northern California.

Garganese realized that the marijuana industry as past the point where you can throw a label on your own strain and take it to market. Lola Lola uses colorful and exciting packaging to stand out amongst the crowd. It seems to be working as Lola Lola products are available in over 50 dispensaries in California.

We really saw an opportunity to contribute to the industry by figuring out a way to elevate and enhance the overall experience of buying and using cannabis,” Garganese says. “… We want people to feel free to be who they want to be and do the things that they want to do.”

“If you like to read, when you use our products, we want you to have more fun reading. If you like to write music, we want to be your partner in writing the best music that you can,” he told Insider.

Lola Lola definitely has one of the most whimsical and fun brands in the marijuana industry. Check them out here at lolalola.com 

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